Kenny G concert – postponed!


SD concerts today announced that the Kenny G concert has been postponed!The concert was due to take place this coming Sunday the 8th of November, starting at 8pm, at the Altos de Chavon Amphitheater.

Saymon Diaz, of SD concerts cited the current economic crisis as the reason behind the postponement. Two concerts were due to take place this coming long weekend in Altos de Chavon – Kenny G and Il Divo. Diaz claims that because both artists have similar target audiences potential concert-goers who may have in the past been able to afford to attend both concerts have been forced to choose to attend one concert OR the other.

SD Concerts plan to organize a different date for a Kenny G concert in 2010, but no date has been given – as soon as we here anything we will let you know!

If you already bought your tickets to see Kenny G, you have 3 options:

  1. Return your tickets to where you bought them and receive a full refund
  2. Keep your tickets and use them at the Kenny G postponed concert (date still to be confirmed)
  3. Exchange your Kenny G tickets for Il Divo tickets, however tickets prices to see Il Divo are higher, therefore customers will be asked to pay the difference.