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New information on Hurricane Irma for safety within Casa de Campo

Though it’s bright and hot and sunny outside right now, businesses are clearing out this afternoon in Casa de Campo and will be closed tomorrow to ride out Hurricane Irma in the safest way possible. The hurricane seems to be trending north, but back and forth projections keep us on our toes what to really expect. The National Hurricane Center now issues a Hurricane Warning for the northern coast of the Dominican Republic, and tropical storm for its lower region. Being called ‘the most powerful Atlantic Ocean hurricane in recorded history,’ Irma is causing devastating effects thus far and has maximum sustained winds at 185mph. USA Today states: “Irma is so strong it’s showing up on equipment designed to measure earthquakes.”

Hurricane Irma

Heavy rainfall is due over the next few days and a NEW UPDATE FROM COSTASUR states that transit within the project will be prohibited as a precaution, unless for emergencies, from the hours of 6:00PM TONIGHT to THURSDAY at 4:00PM. “This is to insure the safety of all residents since strong winds will move loose objects at high speeds and there is the chance large trees will suddenly fall. Preserving the safety of members of our community is our highest priority.”

Remember a shelter has been prepared at the Flamboyán Conference Hall for all those who wish to stay in it, starting TONIGHT at 6:00PM. At the shelter, first aid services will be available and breakfast, lunch or dinner will be served if the Storm Warning is still in effect during any of these mealtime hours.

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As of 1:00 PM AST WED SEPT 6: 
Location: 18.4°N 64.5°W
Moving: WNW at 16 mph
Min pressure: 920 mb
Max sustained: 185 mph

It’s important to keep up to date with news concerning the weather forecast! While we at Casa de Campo Living will do our best to keep you informed, we recommend the following for keeping extra-informed:

• – The National Hurricane Center
• – The Weather Channel
• – the Dominican Republic’s official weather warning people (this one is in Spanish)
• Twitter: We recommend following NHC_Atlantic – for regular tweets on hurricanes, tropical storms etc
• Facebook: Follow –

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