Hit the trails: Biking in Casa de Campo

Biking in Casa de Campo

Pretty much everywhere in Casa de Campo is filled with gorgeous views. A single step outdoors and the resort’s lush surroundings encircle you. It’s no wonder why we see joggers out in the early morning, bikers in the late afternoon, and avid golfers from sun up to sun down. Biking is one exercise routine that is has taken the resort by storm. It seems that every time we ask someone what their favorite thing to do in Casa is, they say biking!

So, below we offer two top recommendations for mountain biking in and around your backyard sports paradise. Kick your exercise routine up a notch with these awesome trails that take you along the edges of Casa de Campo.  You’ll find they’re not only challenging but picturesque to boot. Isn’t that better than cranking out an hour on a treadmill?

From Los Altos

Start from the Dye Fore parking lot and head through Los Altos to the Dye Fore Chavón; take the dirt path to the perimeter of the resort and turn left running along the Autopista del Coral. Continue around the airport entrance of Casa de Campo, following the length of the main highway and Carretera La Romana – Higuey, then pass into what is the old entrance of Casa de Campo no longer in use. Make your way through the dirt road that leads back to Chavón and take a scenic stretch through trails outlining Vista Lagos (Costasur’s new parkland in progress). Afterwards, head back to the Dye Fore parking lot for a total distance of roughly 18km. Traveling through much of the resort’s wilderness, you’ll find out just how much land exists in its northern region!

Biking in Casa de Campo

From Casa de Campo’s Polo Fields

Small dirt roads to the left of Casa de Campo’s Polo Fields make for excellent quiet rides through the trees. Head up them to the resort’s first round about, swing past the gas station, and go down to Punta Aguila. Then, a scenic ride along the golf cart paths of the Teeth of the Dog will have you both challenging your quadriceps on some short hills and admiring the breathtaking views of the sea. Continue on a breezy ride through Punta Minitas on your way to the Marina, and when you arrive, bike down to SBG for a look at the afternoon sun on the water.

A steady climb from there at the lowest point of the resort up to Altos de Chavón will have you realizing biking in Casa isn’t for the faint of heart— but it is a heck of a good workout! Travel up the road, or if it’s early in the morning before golfing hours, don’t be afraid to check out one of the most beautiful stretches along the Chavón River. Bike swiftly past the Altos de Chavón entrance towards the highway—turning left and taking the opportunity to relax on this long stretch of road. Gather your momentum gliding past the Tennis courts and Barranca to enjoy a thrilling ride down this major hill on the left towards the Golf Villas. Your entire workout routine has been building to this exhilarating finish! Pedal fast at the top and then hold on tight! End your run at the polo fields for a total distance of about 20km.

Biking in Casa de Campo

The options for biking in Casa de Campo are practically endless! See the map above for the bike routes mentioned, but in reality, just go wherever the wind takes you! 

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