Help find Tara!! She’s lost in Casa de Campo!

Lost Dog Tara

Tara is a sweet dog that has been missing in Casa for two days! She was being looked after in Los Lagos while her human family was away on vacation. Unfortunately, she escaped to return home but hasn’t been seen yet! Please be on the look out for her!!! 

She’s a Golden Retriever wearing a pink collar. However, she likes to take the collar off.

If you have ANY INFO on the whereabouts of Tara please call Wendy Velázquez at Vivero II Casa #3 telephone 2037, or by cell at (809)-224-0881. 

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It’s a terrible experience to lose a furry friend! If you have a pet, please get him or her a collar with your phone number and address on it so they can be returned home as soon as possible. Thank you!

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