Dear Priscilla & Brooke: Will he ever propose?

Getting married is ever girl’s dream and once you are lucky enough to find that man of your dreams, it can get a little frustrating waiting for your “Knight in Shining Armor” to hurry up and get down on one knee and give you a rock big enough to make your friends jealous……this week, Casa de Campo’s Agony Aunts; Priscilla and Brooke answer the ultimate question “Will he ever propose?” Tough question…..who knows!!?

Dear Brooke and Priscilla,

I am a thirty year old woman who has been living with her boyfriend in a beautiful Casa de Campo villa for five years.
It feels like I have been waiting forever and now I would like this relationship to become permanent, as in “get married”.  How can I address this without scaring him away?


Although this question does sound like it could have been written by me, it was not (I promise) and there are some small differences between my situation and Jennifer’s – I’m 28 and I’ve only been waiting for my Casa de Campo prince to propose for 3 years……but I will admit it sounds like we both need help! Let’s hope Brooke and Priscilla have some good advice!!

Dear Jennifer,

It is time to talk honestly with your significant other!!!!  Have you in the past had an open dialogue with him?  Clearly, your needs should be addressed now. Be aware that this is a risk that you are taking, but after 5 years living together he ought to know if he wants to marry you or not! If his needs are not the same as yours, better to find out sooner than later – there are after all other men in the Casa de Campo pond!

Brooke and Priscilla

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Who is Priscilla Pearl? Who is Brooke Soman?
Priscilla Pearl and Brooke Soman 
are real people, who are Casa de Campo Villa owners and who have been living in Casa de Campo for many years. Neither Priscilla nor Brooke is me (Rebecca Hughes), neither work officially for Casa de Campo Living, but both are huge fans of Casa de Campo Living and regular readers.