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Dr. Douglas Bournigal revolutionizes convenient medical services in Casa de Campo

Picture this… you feel a bit under the weather and don’t feel like going to the hospital or clinic, so you stay home feeling miserable all day. Half way through the day, you ponder if you should, in fact, have gone to the doctor. What might he or she have said? Wouldn’t it be wonderful just to pick up your phone and call your doctor from the comfort of your own home? Well, now in Casa de Campo you can! It’s called Concierge Telemedicine Services by Dr. Douglas Bournigal, who is one of our very own community members.

Dr. Douglas Bournigal, who trained at the Cleveland Clinic and Fellow of the American College of Cardiology, recently signed on as an Internal Medicine & Cardiovascular consultant at the Central Romana Hospital and will be providing concierge style Medical Care for Casa de Campo residents and villa owners. The service includes a telemedicine Internet/ Web solution through, which is an innovative and easy way for doctors and patients to remotely communicate live. It offers personalized care for patients by providing them with the option of contacting their physician any day and time and even scheduling same-day appointments!

Patients can come to appreciate the availability of telemedicine since commutes are non-existent and appointments require minimal effort. Schedule your time-slot at your convenience online in a user-friendly web-based platform. A doctor that makes “house calls” without actually having to arrive to your home is a revolutionary concept that will have families with small children and elderly patients very appreciative. 

Your desktop computer (with Chrome browser), tablet or smartphone (with app) is all you need in order to establish an Internet data connection. No user registration, password or complex program to learn. A simple URL address ( can be pasted into your browser or app and the patient-doctor contact begins at a pre-arranged time. Face-to-Face, audio, screen-sharing, text chat and document transfers are all possible. 

How it service looks after you access the url, you need to activate your camera in order to begin the appointment

According to “doctorb,” telemedicine can solve minor illnesses, but also is an immediate entry point for more complex problems. You can be channeled to expert care with a suggestion to visit a doctor’s office or referred to top local medical facility. In a recent case Dr. Bournigal was able to resolve a patient’s medical needs via Telemedicine services: “A case of cough and shortness of breath was consulted via telemedicine. After a few minutes, I advised the patient to visit the local clinic and obtain a chest X-ray, which he was able to share with me on a subsequent connection. I prescribed a diuretic and scheduled a next day appointment at my office in Santo Domingo for a complete evaluation. Follow up via telemedicine and a subsequent visit the next weekend at Casa de Campo, was very reassuring for this patient, who is now back to his daily routine of morning walks and golfing twice a week.”

Concierge Teleservice Medicine is definitely the new-age version of a “doctor house call”. They are rising in popularity since it allows the doctor to come to the patient quickly for diagnosis and treatment, if needed. Take advantage of this very innovative service that Dr. Bournigal has placed at our disposal. 

Doctor Bournigal

Dr. Douglas Bournigal, enjoys professional privileges at Central Romana Medical Center, a recently renovated hospital with diagnostics and staffed medical services. He has a private practice in Santo Domingo, along with wife, Dr. MariCarmen Morales, a well-known clinical dermatologist, hair transplant surgeon and minimally invasive facial restoration specialist. They have a home here in Casa de Campo and are available in La Romana most Fridays through Mondays and in Santo Domingo during the rest of the week.

Contact information:

Cell phone: (809) 481-0555 (also available via whatsapp) 

Office: (809) 381-0105 

Emails: [email protected] email for initial contact and [email protected]

Telemedicine service url:

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