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The Casa de Campo Living Horoscope: November 20-26th

Casa de Campo Living Horoscope

Casa de Campo Living is happy to introduce its weekly horoscope column by Yilda Ramírez, professional astrologer and superb Tarot Reader! You may remember her from the Altos de Chavón Fall Fest and the Fresh Fresh Chavón special Tarot Reading Sunday’s. We trust her insight and have partnered with her to bring our readers this weekly column. Wishing everyone a happy week ahead!


A week filled with mellow happiness, travel, education and gentle love. Sunday is romantic but slow. Monday to Wednesday afternoon, tackle chores but don’t start anything new. A lack of cooperation on Monday can create barriers on Tuesday. Wednesday afternoon to Friday at midnight, relationships are difficult and harsh aspects arise on Thursday from domestic issues, a lack of romance and your outside life. Still, love is in the air, and no matter the problems, love is your destiny right now. One relationship could end and another one grow. Saturday is full of secrets and a sexy vibe…be careful not to pick the wrong person.


A week for commitment and trust; be diplomatic and gentle. Take Sunday to assess home and security matters, best done before 9am because it’s also a good day for fitness and physical exercise. Monday through Wednesday before noon is for romance, pleasure, risk and to deal with the kids. The middle of the week is stable and brings mild luck, so be agile as Wednesday night could bring a reward and the right people into your life. Something significant is happening…You might change partners as something ends and something else begins. Saturday comes with an exciting meeting!


A week that starts new opportunities for you, brings some fresh air and a possible relocation. Sunday is for travel and meetings,while Monday and Tuesday are to take it easy as we face deception and misunderstanding. You may feel down these two days but try to sleep. Embrace your family  and increase your sense of security. Wednesday, if you are single, romance is in the air and good and bad aspects combine – a friend can become a lover. Between Thursday and Friday, partnerships are emphasised but you could change partners. Saturday is a day that you can accomplish almost wise at work.


A week to start taking care of your health and daily routine, while you help others and delegate. Sunday is a good day to buy and sell, while Monday to Wednesday serves as a day for paperwork and details, and trips and errands. Tuesday a fantasy tempts you and the night goes well, but don’t forget to stick to your routine. Attention to your domestic sphere must be paid from Wednesday to Friday. Good luck falls between Thursday and Friday, but there are major forces that press you, your domestic life and your relationships. One has to give so the other one can survive… Saturday is a very good for romance and love.


A week that will bring you romance and pleasure, risk taking, and child raising. You can get lots done on Sunday as you are charismatic and energetic. It’s a good day for meeting a potential marriage partner. Shopping, sexual attractions, and earnings are present Monday through Wednesday, so be alert these days. Monday can get you on the wrong direction only to find out one or two months later! You will find the right direction Monday after 7pm, a possible intimate one. Good and bad aspects are present Wednesday to Friday, so stay alert and agile. A change of mind and methods at the place of work is due, and a possible romance with a coworker unfolds. Saturday is for going home…it’s OK.


A week to start a diet, educate your kids, garden, pay attention to the family and repair your house. Sunday is for resting; your energy returns Monday through Wednesday afternoon. Don’t chase a fantasy, be a leader on Monday and do not take the wrong direction. Money and domestic conversations occur on Tuesday that turn out to be very productive. Wednesday through Friday chase clients, as money brings mild luck but be cautious. A sexual attraction can suffer a sudden change, while money and romantic interests are confronted. Let the money interests win for now. Saturday is for communication and travel until the evening…Be happy.

Casa de Campo Living Horoscope


A week to attract friendly romance, visit relatives and friends. You’re lucky in love and determined. Sunday is a very lighthearted day as true romance is in the air and best in the morning hours. Monday to Wednesday are for rest and meditation; be spiritual and don’t deal with government offices on Monday. Grab at the week’s opportunities at the beginning of the week, because your luck is mixed from Wednesday to Friday. Energy and charisma comeback so impress people and be the leader; try to solve a domestic problem, try to communicate… you can change your partner or your home. Avoid fights with lovers on Saturday night and enjoy the day.


A week that will favor your money, sexual attractions and possessions. Sunday is a day for been ambitious, be alert in the morning before 9am. Flirtatious behavior, popularity, and optimism bring you happiness from Monday to Wednesday. Mild luck comes in the middle of the week so acting on Monday is best. Rest, recuperate and be spiritual Wednesday to Friday. Gossip and secrets can become public, and friends can become lovers which comes as a significant turning point, but don’t be pushy. Saturday is for love and beauty…it’s a great day.


A week to become a leader and to come out of your shell! Make contacts and move. Sunday is a sweet day, but not good for romance. Be alert at work because your boss and authority figures are watching. Monday through Wednesday is a road filled with difficulties; don’t buy a house or a property on Monday, and don’t ask for a raise on Tuesday. Saturday begins a weekend for resting and recuperation…this is a day to stay home, and don’t lose your balance going after romance.


This week starts for you a period for rest and going slow…take naps, make plans, you will be attracted to others. Tempting financial deals, sex and secrets attract you on Monday before 9am. Monday to Wednesday you will be tired, but you will gain understanding. Read a book in the gentle breeze. Luck is mixed throughout the week, you could get a promotion, be ambitious, calm, diplomatic, and loyal. Saturday evening is splendid; you will feel content and social.


A week for wish fulfillment, flirting, romance, and popularity.Relationships are excellent on Sunday, and you can get a lot of things done this week. Monday to Wednesday are for finances, sex, and health matters. Remain on the sideline because these two days are not a good time for secrets…you can get exposed and a Capricorn can become a real obstacle. Destiny has something to do with your hidden life now. Be with elites on Saturday – talk to your boss, propose a new plan, and all before evening you will succeed.


A week that starts a period of ambition and climbing the corporate ladder, affection and light romance keeps you happy. Sunday is a day to tackle chores and stick to a routine. Bright relationships between Monday and Wednesday conflict with your ambitions, but do not expect much from them. Be diplomatic and surprises are in store for Monday night. Think twice before committing this week as these days of finances, sex, and health come with consequences. A wish may come true this week, but it wipes away another wish. Sex, money, and social desires are confronted this week. Luck is strong for investments, finances and intimacy. Saturday brings a loving mood.

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