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Citlally Miranda presents “Carnelevarium” at the Jenny Polanco Project

Pimpeada Collection by Citally Miranda (2012-2013)

The Jenny Polanco Project presents “Carnelevarium” by the artist Citlally Miranda. The exhibition will be open to the public on Sunday, February 19th, where we will have the opportunity to meet the artist and hear about her work and research on Carnelevarium. The Jenny Polanco Project will also offer drinks at their new Project Tapas bar.

Carnelevarium is latin for removing the skin. From there, comes the term of Carnival, an annual festival typically during the week preceding Lent in Roman Catholic countries, that involves processions, music, dancing, and a masquerade. It also coincides with the Dominican national holidays. Citlally has done cultural and social research on the various carnival masks in the country which she later develops in her art pieces. This exhibition seeks to promote Dominican Carnival in a conceptual way through contemporary art.

Atrapa Sueños by Citlally Miranda, 2011

Atrapa Sueños by Citlally Miranda, 2011

Citlally Miranda was born in Santo Domingo, where she currently lives and works. This multidisciplinary artist develops her research on biological identity and cultural identity, the biological body and political body, and the feminine gender in societies created by a masculine vision. She as well develops the portrait as an identifier, the figurative forms, and the abstraction in portraits. She works in several art medias such as drawing, painting, photography, performance, video, installations, and other experimental mediums like collages, photography intervention, and other hybrids. Citlally began by attending fine art studios and courses at a early age at Bellas Artes with workshops by several recognized Dominican art professors. She later decided to pursue art professionally in 2004, and has since emerged as a contemporary artist. 

Get to know more of this interesting exhibition and Citlally this Sunday at the Jenny Polanco Project in Altos de Chavón!

Carnelevarium by the artist Citlally Miranda 


Where: Jenny Polanco Project, Altos de Chavon

When: Sunday, February 19th 2017

Time: 6-8pm (Toast at 8pm)

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