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Why you can’t miss the 40th International Tennis Tournament

40th International Tennis Tournament
Alejandro Heredia

This morning we stopped by the La Terraza Tennis Center and although we can attest it’s SUPER HOT outside, it’s also incredibly fun over there! The 40th International Tennis Tournament is underway with approximately 180 players signed up. Singles and doubles matches are going on now through 5:00pm this afternoon.

 40th International Tennis TournamentDon’t miss seeing Casa de Campo community members, resort pros, and Abraham Lincoln School teachers battle it out on the courts with a hefty international population. Players from Costa Rica, the Ukraine, Guatemala, Colombia, Great Britain, Venezuela, Argentina, Mexico, the USA and more are all excited to play. Yesterday’s inauguration ceremony saw Casa de Campo Resort & Villas President Andrés Pichardo return the first serve made by Maria Victoria de Mastrolilli, whose husband Vincenzo Mastrolilli began the tournament back in 1978. The two rallied briefly for a large number of spectators.

Today’s games and welcome cocktail at 6:00p.m. sponsored by Grey Goose Vodka are all the more reason to stop by! Then, from 7:00-9:00p.m., La Terraza will host a Presidente party with live music and a BBQ. Those sound like good Friday night plans! Director of the Tennis Department Matías Territoriale says he’s very excited to receive a number of people from other countries and have the support of the community, resort, and sponsors to make the tournament a success. It’s a great atmosphere and he encourages everyone to come out and enjoy the matches.

Plus, don’t forget, throughout the tournament Pinecrest Physical Therapy is offering a fantastic discount on their services.  A 20-minute massage and stretching session for just US $32.00 will work out the kinks in your muscles whether you’re serving or sitting. That deal is hard to beat!

View more photos of the 40th International Tennis Tournament taken by Alejandro Heredia on Friday, September 1st at La Terraza:


Good news at the 40th International Tennis Tournament!

Pinecrest Physical Therapy discount

Pinecrest Physical Therapy will have 10% off the regular price of a therapy session from the 31st of August — 3rd of September, and on the tennis tournament’s inauguration day will do a raffle of 4 therapy sessions that include stretching and therapeutic massage for 20 minutes.

40th International Tennis Tournament Itinerary
40th International Tennis Tournament


9:00a.m. — 5:00p.m. Matches continue

6:00p.m. Welcome Cocktail by Grey Goose Vodka; 7:00p.m. — 9:00p.m. Presidente Party


9:00a.m. Matches continue


8:00a.m. Match finals

1:00p.m. Awards Ceremony at La Terraza

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